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What to expect in a Naturpathic Consultation

Most people are unsure of what to expect in a consultation with a Naturopathic Doctor and how it may differ from a visit with a medical doctor.  Medical doctors typically focus on defining and treating the symptoms of a disease or illness.  The length of the visit is typically brief, as short as a few minutes in some cases, and is concluded with a drug prescription.  This is in contrast to Naturopaths, who have longer visits and take the time to explore the underlying cause to suffering on a deeper more holistic level.  The Naturopathic model focusses on the imbalance in the body and using natural and non-invasive approaches to assist the body to heal itself.  Be prepared to share your story with someone who will listen compassionately to understand your suffering and work with you to restore your health naturally .

Informed Consent Form

As with any medical treatment, natural or otherwise, certain risks may exist.  This form outlines the potential risks of Naturopathic treatment.  Please review and complete prior to your inital consultation as the completion of this form is required to commense treatment.

Patient Consent Form for Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information
Adult Intake Form


Pediatric Intake Form


Diet Diary

Most patients find the exercise of competing the diet diary highly informative, typically resulting in an increased level of awareness about dietary habits.  Please be sincere and complete this to the best of your knowledge and bring in for your second visit.  If there are areas where your diet is impeding you from reaching your health goals we will work together to come up with dietary approaches that work for you and make you feel better.

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